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T-Rex - Rock Black

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Amazfit T-Rex Unleash Your Instinct 

12 Military Certifications I Ruffed Body 20-day Battery Life I AMOLED Display

12 Military Grade Certifications Resistant to Harsh Environments

Robustness and reliability are particularly important for outdoor smartwatches. Amazfit T-Rex passed 12 military grade certifications, ensuring its robustness and resistance to harsh environments.

70 Heat resistance 

-40 Cold resistance

240h Humidity resistance

96h Slat spray resistance

*Data from report number : H201909246831-01-G2 Resistance to minus 40 degrees for a duration of 1.5 hours. Prolonged exposure is not recommended as it may damage the watch and its components.

Tough from The Inside Out Tough Appearance, Solid Craftsmanship

The Amazfit T-Rex’s shape is tough, solid with distinct angles, and brimming with strength. The strength-enhanced design of the body details and internal structure take into account a sense of both strength and practicality, making it tough from the inside out, and making it a partner you can rely on.

Metal buttons : Large etched metal buttons allow you to quickly find your controls.

Find detailing : The outer bezel uses a delicate ink filling process, and with the metal screws, the layering is distinct and the textures is strong.

Vibration-damping corners : The watch body exterior is convex, which effectively reduces vibration and protects key components.

Sweat-permeable silicone band : The silicone band is friend to skin and comfortable, and the inner sweat-wicking design is breathable, keeping it dry and non-sticky.

*The Camo color band is made of TPU.

20-Day Ultra-Long Battery Life Fighting The Widerness with You

A new circuit design especially developed for Amazfit T-Rex, an advanced low power-consumption chip, and a deep power optimization give the Amazfit T-Rex a longer battery life. Stays with the user over the long haul, allowing you to wear it without worry and never think about charging.

20 days Daily use scenario : Receive 150 messge per day, screen activated by wrist tilt 30 times, and other operations 5 minutes per day, run 30 minutes every two days.

66 days Basic watch mode : Bluetooth connection to phone turned off, heart rate monitoring and other fuction off, screen activated by wrist tilt 100 times a day.

20 hours GPS continuously on time : GPS activated to track exercise and monitor heart rate.

Note: Battery life may vary based on usage, settings, and many other factors, meaning that actual results may vary.

1.3-Inch AMOLED Color Screen and Always-On Display Choose A Watch Face to Match Your Personality

The Amazfit T-Rex uses a 1.3-inch AMOLED color screen which supports always-on display, making important information available simply by raising your wrist. Moreover, the variety of gorgeous watch faces allows you to fully express your personality.

Note: Turning on the all-day display will reduce battery life. You can turn it on and off in the watch settings.

High-Precision GPS Dual-Satellite Positioning Optimizes Efficiency, Faster and More Accurate Positioning

The watch uses a high-end Sony GPS chip and built-in highly precise dual-satellite positioning system. We have also optimized the watch body materials and internal layout, and even highly optimized signal reception to account for interference from the arm while wearing. Signal efficiency has been significantly increased, making satellite search faster and positioning more accurate, meeting your positioning needs among both urban jungles and canyon wilderness.

Water Resistant to 50 Meters 14 Sports Modes

The Amazfit T-Rex has 14 built-in professional sports modes, and is rated waterproof to 5ATM. You can wear it while swimming in pools and open water to meet the diverse needs of athletes. The watch also monitors data such as exercise heart rate and exercise duration statistics, making your workouts safer and more efficient.

Note : 

1.Waterproofing is tested according to the GB/T 30106-2013 standard, and meets the 5ATM atmospheric pressures waterproofing standard. The Amazfit T-Rex has passed testing by the National Watch Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, report number: QT1909070.

2.To ensure the best experience while wearing, wipe the watch dry as soon as possible after exposure to water.

Run I Treadmill I Trail Run I Walk I Elliptical I Climb I Hike I Ski I Outdoor Cycle I Indoor Cycle I Pool Swim I Open Water I Triathlon I Fitness

Note : Triathlon will be added by OTA upgrade.

All-Day Heart Rate Monitoring Focusing On Your Health

The watch is equipped with Huami's self-developed BioTracker™ PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor, which perform high-precision heart rate monitoring 24 hours a day. The watch also issues reminders to stand up, which encourage you to develop healthy habits and become your best self.

Weather Notification, Call Reminder More Practical Tools at Your Wrist

The Amazfit T-Rex has a wealth of smart functions, including weather forecast, event reminders, call reminders, app notifications, and more, offering a variety of practical tools to facilitate your daily work and life.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions : 47.7 x 47.7 x 13.5 mm

Weight : 58g (with strap)

Waterproofing : 5ATM, supports swimming

Screen : 1.3”AMOLED, Resolution 360 x 360

Touch Screen : Corning Gorilla Glass 3 + anti-fingerprint coating

Sensors :

BioTrackerTM PPG Bio-Tracking Optical Sensor

3-axis acceleration sensor

Geomagnetic sensor

Ambient light sensor

Positioning : GPS + GLONASS

Connectivity : Bluetooth 5.0/BLE

Battery : 390mAh LiPo (Minimum value)

Charging method : Magnetic, 2pin pogo pin charging

Theoretical Charging Time : Magnetic, 2pin pogo pin charging

Battery Life :

Daily use mode : 20 days Heart rate monitoring always on, sleep monitoring; GPS turned on for 13 minutes a day, 150 messages pushed daily which activate screen, wrist raised 30 times which activate screen, 5 minutes of other operations.

Basic watch mode : 66 days Bluetooth connection to phone turned off, heart rate monitoring and other functions, screen activated by wrist tilt 100 times a day.

GPS continuous working time : 20 hours GPS activated to track exercise and monitor heart rate.

Body Material : Polymer materials


Android 5.0 or iOS 10.0 and above


Amazfit T-Rex

Magnetic charging base

user manual

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