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Mesh Case for iPad Pro 9.7

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ANDMESH Mesh Case for iPad Pro 9.7
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This time, we focused on materials.

We have realized splinter-less plastic using special polycarbonate. In addition, we applied a peach-skin finish to the surface and reproduced a peach like texture that gives an absorbing mellow feel to your hand.

Pursuing lightness and hardness

What we wanted in iPad cases was a lightness that never lets users feel the weight after carrying it around for long hours and hardness that protects the iPad body.

Ideal material after a long pursuit

In cooperation with Teijin Corporation, we developed harder polycarbonate and designed the AndMesh mesh pattern to air out the heat.

The feel of a peach

It is this feel that we focused on. Employing an advanced coating technology, we succeeded in reproducing a soft peach-skin feel.

Sharper and more user-friendly

Although this mesh case is flat-shaped, its silhouette is subtly tailored to make the iPad look more beautiful.

The case is what supports the leading role.

The iPad plays the leading role. There is no brand logo on the surface of AndMesh. The Apple logo peeking through the mesh pattern is the icon of AndMesh.

Technical Specifications

Product name : AndMesh Mesh Case for 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Compatible devices : 9.7-inch iPad Pro

Material : Special polycarbonate

Type : Case (compatible with Apple Smart Cover)

Size : Approx. W174mm / H244mm / D9mm

Weight : Approx. 80g

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