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Invisiglass Ultra for iPhone 7 Plus

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Up to 3-5X improvement in scratch-resistance*.

Up to 25% increase in drop performance*.

0.21mm thin preserves touchscreen sensitivity.

Ion-exchange strengthened for superior surface quality and damage reduction*.

Up to 25% reduction in scratch visibility*.

Up to 25% improvement in strength after scratch.

Smooth glide of real glass.

Crystal clarity.


Harnessing Corning Incorporated’s expertise in specialty glass, InvisiGlass Ultra made with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning sets a new standard in screen protection.

InvisiGlass Ultra offers improved scratch resistance, reduced scratch visibility and better drop performance than screen protectors made from tempered glass and plastic.

All this from a crystal clear glass material that is only 0.21mm thin to preserve touchscreen sensitivity.

The only difference you’ll notice to your phone is added resilience.

Made for: iPhone 7 Plus


A precisely applied screen protector provides greater protection for your smartphone.

InvisiGlass Screen Protection can be professionally applied to your smartphone in store by a trained professional, using a specially-developed application system.

If you can’t make it to your local outlet, we’ve included Easy Align stickers or an Easy Align frame to add precision to any application.

Either will help to align the screen protector so precisely, it’s hard to know it’s even there.


Anti-Fingerprint & Anti-Scratch coating tested to 9H pencil hardness.

Accessory Glass 2 by Corning for smooth glass feel and enhanced strength.

Optically Clear Adhesive bonds glass to base.

Base layer provides buffer between glass and screen.

Fluid adhesive prevents gaps to minimize lifting.


InvisiGlass Ultra is a partnership between Belkin – designers and engineers of world-class screen protection, and Corning – the name renowned for expertise in specialty glass, ceramics and optical physics.

Accessory Glass 2 by Corning is a material engineered for ultimate resilience, durability and protection.

In combining this remarkable material with screen protection designed to preserve the native screen experience, Belkin presents InvisiGlass Ultra, a new standard in screen protection.


The ultimate in screen protection, InvisiGlass Ultra offers best in class protection against scratches and scuffs.

Tested to withstand contact from damaging materials such as keys and coins, and the damage caused by drops and other impacts, this screen protector is an ideal buffer between your phone screen and the rest of the world.

0.21MM THIN :

This hardwearing glass protector delivers ultimate strength despite being only 0.21mm thin.

This preserves touchscreen sensitivity to ensure the phone operates and responds as though the screen protector wasn’t even there.

The smooth glass finish provides a tactility and level of response similar to the naked screen.


Ion-exchange strengthening is the process of heating glass into a liquid form, and then exchanging the smaller sodium ions with larger potassium ions.

The larger molecules are more tightly packed into the space, providing a dense molecular structure.

This higher density gives the glass greater strength.


iPhone 7 Plus


InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protector

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