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Max Selfie Stick - White

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Simple and Smart - With a compact design, the CliqueFie selfie stick reduces to a smaller size so it easily fits in your purse or bag without scratching any of your personal belongings. 

Maximum Strength - The polarized aluminum steel pole construction is very lightweight yet strong enough to fully support your mobile phone.

You can extend the selfie stick up to 28 inches (73cm) - perfect for capturing a great selfie.

Angle Adjustability - You can adjust the stick's angle up to 100 degrees, allowing just the right position for taking a selfie with friends. 

Wireless Bluetooth Remote Snapshot - The CliqueFie selfie stick comes with a embedded remote that's controlled by wireless Bluetooth. 

The simple one-button design is easy to operate and convenient for shooting a phone or video without downloading any apps up to 32 feet / 10 meters away.

Retractable Tripod - Easy to pull-out tripod for video, long shots, group shots, and other outstanding photos. 

Intuitive Phone Mount - Double pull tabs for easy one-hand attach / detach mounting actions.

Loop 8 Rubber Connector - Used to fasten your cell phone to the CliqueFie intuitive phone mount for maximum support.

Technical Specifications

Retracted : 10 inches (25 cm)

Extended : 28.9 inches (73.5 cm)

Diameter : 1.3 inche (3.4 cm)

Weight : 7 oz (200g)


CliqueFie Selfie Stick

Bluetooth Remote

Quick start guide

User manual

CR2032 battery

Loop 8 rubber connector

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