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Comply S-100 Sport Earphone Tips



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Standard one-size-fits-all earphone tips simply don’t make sense.

When you plug them in, they may stay in your ear, but they won’t stay there for long.

Your rough-and-tumble workout will have them slipping out time after time.

Plus, a poor fit will have you losing valuable sound and drowning out the music with the noise around you.

You have better things to worry about than pausing a run to put your earphone back where it should be.

Comply’s extensive research has revealed that each ear canal is different. The shape and opening of your ear canals change as you open and close your jaw, plus it varies from individual to individual based on their weight, age and level of hydration.

With so many variables factoring into your individual ear canal shape, it’s no wonder that a standard silicone rubber earbud tip just doesn’t cut it.

We’ve revolutionized earbud tips. Our patented viscoelastic memory foam expands and adapts to your specific ear canal, dramatically increasing in-ear retention no matter what the workout is.

Since our body-heat activated memory foam is 30x softer than the silicone tips you may be used to, you don’t have to worry about listening fatigue and aching ears.

Integrated SweatGuard™ technology places an acoustically transparent filter inside the tip of your earbud.

You’ll be locking in the same great sound while keeping out sweat, moisture and debris like earwax.

If you love high-quality sound as much as we do, odds are good you invested a lot into your earphones.

The protection offered by SweatGuard™ means they’ll last longer and sound clearer, which is exactly what you want.

Plus, these memory foam earbud tips offer 100% better grip than silicone. How’s that for a tight grip? 

A snug fit and sealed ear canal means premier sound isolation.

A flexible core couples with superior attenuation to fit your ear while funneling clean, crisp music directly where it counts.

With a 10x thicker design than standard tips, you’ll be able to enjoy more music and enhanced sound at lower volumes than before (your eardrums will thank you).

Comply has crafted different series of earphone tip replacements to work with a wide variety of earphone brands.

After all, we want to spread the joys of great sound and fit far and wide.

Our Sport 100 Series buds are compatible with high-quality and popular.

Brands like :




Etymotic Research


Technical Specifications

Colors : Black

Length/Height : 10.67 mm ± 0.65 mm (0.420" ± 0.025")

Width/Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device) :

Small : 10.67 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.420" ± 0.020")

Medium : 12.45 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.490" ± 0.020")

Large : 13.97 mm ± 0.50 mm (0.550" ± 0.020")

Materials : Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant). Does not contain latex

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