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Check out our Indiegogo Video!

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The standard size BentoStack includes a bottom compartment that was designed to accommodate Apple's wall plugs found in: USA, Canada, Mexico, Japan, China, and Thailand.

Running out of storage space to take all your Apple accessories on the road? Messy workspace slowing your productivity? Solve both problems with BentoStack - a compact, multi-compartment storage solution to efficiently hold over 10 Apple essentials in the palm of your hand!.

BentoStack, inspired by the modern Japanese Lunch Box, is a storage case designed specifically to hold Apple accessories for travel and workspace organization.


A bottom storage compartment houses larger accessories like MacBook Power Bricks and iPad and iPhone Power Adaptors. 

An upper storage compartment houses smaller items such as Apple charging cables, dongles, headphones and AirPods. 

Each compartment has its own lid: the bottom lid holds two extra Apple Watchbands and the top lid holds the Apple Pencil – and also doubles as an iPhone stand! A silicone strap keeps all components secure when mobile.


Ultra-compact design allows storage for up to 10 different Apple accessories that easily fits into travel bags and backpacks.


Eliminates clutter on the workspace by keeping Apple essentials neat and organized, easily within reach.


Personalize the way they you organize Apple accessories. 

Take the full BentoStack with you or just one section with the smaller silicone strap for lighter travel. 

Four adjustable dividers allow the user to create custom storage space inside each compartment for a secure fit for each accessory.

Technical Specifications

Dimensions: 7.4" x 3.7" x 3.3"

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