HOVERKOAT for iPhone X - Midnight Black


Unmistakable classic in iconic GLOSS BLACK Ballistic Fiber with No Wireless Charging Interference.

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ราคา : ฿1,790
ราคา : ฿1,790
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100% *DuPont™ Ballistic Kevlar®.

Glow in the Dark Icon.

Lens Protective Bumper.

Mirror High-Gloss Finish.

270º Bezel Protection.

Incredibly Thin at 0.6mm.

Feather Light 12 grams.

Celebrating the 10th incarnation of the iPhone with glow in the dark icon and superior craftsmanship.

Unique laser cutting technology and improved form factor with amazingly elegant 270º degree bezel coverage.

Incredible 0.6mm thinness and feather light at only 12 grams providing elegant protection accentuating the original iPhone sexy silhouette.

Ballistic Fiber Characteristics :

Midnight Black is a Mirror Gloss Finish which accentuates the intricate fiber weaving patterns and contrast tones.

Exceptionally strong at 5 times strength of steel.

Lightweight, high-tenacity, and high-performance offer excellent versatility and protection.


iPhone X

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