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MUV MICRO (Asia Version)

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Available สินค้าหมด
ราคา : ฿890
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ยี่ห้อ SKROSS

The most compact travel plug for connecting devices anywhere in the world

Measuring only 5 × 5 cm, this is the most compact 2-pole adapter for travellers from and in over 220 countries.

Compatible round the globe :

Travellers from all over the world can plug in their devices securely on all continents.

With the country slider system developed by SKROSS®, users can simply slide out the required plug for their travel destination.

The multinational socket layout on the input side allows travellers to use 2-pole plugs from just as many different countries.

Technical Specifications

Designed in Switzerland

Suitable for all 2-pole (unearthed) devices

Receptacles for : Euro, USA/Japan, Australia/China, UK (UK not in the Swiss version)

Retractable plugs : Euro, USA/Japan, Australia/China, UK

Input voltage : 100 V - 250 V

Max. load : 2.5 A

Power rating : e.g. 100 V - 250 W / 250 V - 625 W

Replaceable fuse : T2.5 A

Does not convert voltage

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