Nox Smart Sleep Light


It will help you fall asleep easily and wake up naturally with a smart alarm, light and sound.

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Colored Sunrise Simulation for Natural Waking - Contact us for objective review.

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Sleep Aid -- Track and improve transitions into and out of sleep with a combination of sound and light effects. 

The soothing red light wavelengths from this Nox Smart sleep light work to adjust your melatonin. 

It will turn off autoly once you’ve fallen asleep.

Smart Wake Up Light -- Along with natural wake up music and simulated sunrise , wake up feeling rested at the best time in your sleep cycle.

Environment monitor -- Nox contains sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and pick up ambient light and noise in your bedroom.

Personal Sleep and Health Consultant -- With the data collected from Sleepace App and Nox, it will help to achieve your best sleep from Sleep score, sleep analysis, sleep advice--all in the palm of your hand.

Technical Specifications

Size : 4.02*4.02*8.09 inch

Weight : 23oz

Color : Grey

Data : Wi-Fi,Bluetooth 4.0 

Power consumption : 15W

Power input :100~240V 50/60Hz 0.6A

Power output : 12V 1.5A

LED light : 16million colors 

USB output : 5V 1A


Nox Smart Sleep Light

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