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Glass for Garmin 35mm

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ยี่ห้อ PanzerGlass

Original PanzerGlass™ tempered glass screen protector with superior protection.

Shock resistant (0.33 – 0.4 mm thick glass).

Scratch resistant.

Full frame coverage.

Anti-shatter film (holds the glass together and protects against glass splints in case of breakage).

Crystal Clear.

Easy Installation with full glue.

Oleophobic layer (antibacterial + anti-fingerprint).

100% touch preservation.

Maintaining all phone functionalities.

PanzerGlass™ 35 mm Smartwatch screen protector is based on the same technology as the assortment for smartphones. 

The watch screen protector is made of flat tempered glass and covers the entire front surface of the Watch.

Simply the perfect protection for your Watch.

The shape of the protector is optimized to maximize protection while maintaining all functionalities of the watch and ease of use. 

All edges are carefully rounded and polished and the PanzerGlass™ watch glass is furthermore coated with an “anti-smudge” material in order to maintain and secure an excellent touch and feel from the original glass.

The glass features full silicone adhesive which is carefully optimized to match the screen and device perfectly while saving a perfect touch sensitivity and long-term durability. 

The full adhesive is referred to “Easy Installation” on the packaging.

Implemented below the glass there is a shock absorbing and anti-shatter film to avoid splintering and shattering in that rare case the glass should break. 

This means a PanzerGlass™ handles even extreme impacts securely and safely.

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