Crystal Clear Film for iPad Air/iPad Pro 9.7


The Power Support AFP Crystal Film Set for iPad Pro 9.7 is also compatible with your iPad Air.

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ราคา : ฿890
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Crystal Film™ enhances the beauty of the Retina Display.

Provides unparalled protection.

Precisely die-cut to match your iPad.

Static Cling Adhesion for Easy Installation and No Residue Removal.

GREAT Padtection for your iPad Air!!! :

Electronic device screens are highly susceptible to scratches, abrasions and even cracking, especially for devices featuring larger LCD screens like theiPad Air, so protecting your device with the right product is essential. 

Power Support combines cutting edge technology with absolutely the finest materials to create exceptional films that provide remarkable protection. 

Our Crystal Film™ technology is unmatched in the industry, providing unmatched protection for your iPad Air screen while simultaneously enhancing the images from the Retina display. 

Most importantly, the silky soft film does not impede the touch screen functionality.

Amazing product, intelligently manufactured and die-cut to accurately and precisely fit your iPad Air that when matched with the spectacular iPad® retina display® make for the perfect solution to protect your iPad Air. 

Installation using our Rip In Place (RIP)™ technology combined with exceptional protection make the Power Support iPad Air Crystal Film™ a clear choice.

Technical Specifications

Type : Screen Film

Film Type : Clear


The iPad 9/7" (2017)

The iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro 9.7"


1 AFP Crystal Film™ for front surface.

1 Dust remover.

1 Cleaning clot

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