Crystal Film for iPhone 7 Plus

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Crystal surface enhances image quality.

Hard coating protects against dirt and scratches.

Reduces fingerprints and smudging.

Extremely responsive surface.

Accurate film application with RIP™ technology.


Power Support's Crystal Film™ provides un-paralleled protection for your iPhone 7 plus. 

The crystal surface treatment actually enhances the iPhone’s screen image quality resulting in exceptionally vibrant colors. 

The hard surface coating protects the screen from scratches, dirt and dust while maintaining excellent surface responsiveness. 

This amazing film is cut to exact dimensions to accommodate the placement of screen sensors, the front facing camera, and the home button to perfectly and beautifully cover and protect your phone glass from scratches and abrasions. 

Our unique Anti-Fingerprint technology virtually eliminates fingerprints and smudges from your screen, allowing you to view the beautiful iPhone 7 Plus screens as if there was nothing there at all. 

Just beautiful, vibrant, crystal clear images. 

Because of this the AFP film is great for anyone who works with their hands because it is also extremely resistant to chemicals and oils commonly found in make-up, cooking ingredients, massage oils, or mechanical equipment. 

If the film gets dirty simply wipe clean. 

This does not mean it is impossible to get a fingerprint on the screen. 

It means that the dirt and oils found naturally on your fingers and hand do not adhere to or penetrate the hard coating of the film making it easy to clean.

Easy to Apply :

Unlike some screen films that require an elaborate and messy application process or a special applicator operated by store personnel, Power Support’s Anti-glare Film™ is easy to apply. 

Our Rip In Place (RIP)™ screen protector application technology (see instructions below) makes it easy to apply the film. 

Our film is not “glued” to the screen, but clings. 

This makes it easy to remove and re-attach the film or remove unwanted lint and dust during application.

The Crystal Film for iPhone 7 Plus clearly protects your screen’s surface while enhancing the image.

Rip In Place (RIP)™ screen protector application :

Our Rip In Place (RIP)™ screen protector application technology is designed to help you cleanly and accurately apply the screen protector. 

You will notice there are two notches in the film's backing. 

This backing has been molecularly designed to rip in a straight line and produce no dust or fine particles. 

Now you can line up the screen protector and secure it in place before attaching the entire film on to the screen.

Always attach new Power Support screen protector film in a clean, dust free environment. 

Using the provided cloth, carefully remove dirt and dust from the iPhone screen surface.

Remove the backing from the Dust Remover and apply the sticky side to the iPhone glass surface.

Peel off the Dust Remover and lift off residual dust and dirt from the glass screen.

Pick up the film and find the two cuts or notches along the side of the film backing. 

Remove the center portion of the film backing from the film to expose the adhesive.

Placing the adhesive side down align the film with the screen surface and slowly apply the center portion of the film onto the iPhone glass.

While holding down the center portion of the film, slowly remove the upper portion of the film backing while applying the film to the iPhone glass surface. 

Finally, while holding down the upper portion, slowly remove the lower film backing and apply the remainder of the film to the glass surface.

Press out any air bubbles as you proceed. 

Trapped dust and air bubbles :

Trapped air bubble can be gently pushed to the edge of the film with your fingers and the included micro fiber cleaning cloth.

Most bubbles will work themselves out in 24 to 48 hours.

Trapped dust and dirt particles can be removed by lifting up the corner of the film closest to the dust speck.

Use the enclosed film remover or use a piece of tape, such as scotch tape.

Press the tape on the top of the film and carefully lift.

Using another piece of tap lift the dust up off the screen or the back of the film.

To remove the film, slide the separately included film remover between the screen protector and the iPhone screen, lift and remove the screen.

You may need to try different corners till you find one that you can lift.

If you no longer have the film remover you can use a small piece of scotch tape.

Press the tape to the top surface of the film in one corner and slowly pull up. 

Technical Specifications

Type : Screen Film

Film Type : Clear


iPhone 7 Plus


2 Crystal Films™

Dust Remover

Cleaning Cloth

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