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Relaxed Leather case for iPhone 7/8/SE G2


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Relaxed Leather case for iPhone 7
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Since when is an iPhone case not a fashion accessory? : 

Looking at other accessories - from footwear to handbags to watchbands - when it comes to leather, the trend is a rustic, lived-in vibe.

Shadowed toes on boots, oxblood handbags with creases & folds and cognac briefcases that cost more the older they look - this is the inspiration for our new RelaxedLeather;  a warm-toned burnished leather case with vintage personality right out of the box.

Like a fine wine, it only improves with time :

RelaxedLeather looks good new, but looks even better after months of use. 

Constant use and handling continues to soften the leather and darken its original tone. 

Now you can have an iPhone case that has as much character as you do, but looks even better with age.

Takes the force of the blow. Protection : 

It’s still a case and it has a job to do - protect your iPhone day-in and day-out from falls, slips and drops.

RelaxedLeather takes this job quite seriously. 

It’s 1mm raised front edge keeps the harshest surfaces away from your iPhone screen. 

RelaxedLeather even faced independent drop testing and passed all tests with flying colors. 

RelaxedLeather will protect your iPhone 7 from some of the harshest hazards in the world - and it’ll look good doing it.

With or without pockets? : 

We offer up two RelaxedLeather designs. 

One model has two pockets to hold your ID and a bank card.

The other is pocket free, leaving nothing but a clean, smooth leather surface. By choosing pockets, you can roll out the door with your iPhone, ID and debit card safely tucked into a beautiful leather shell. 

If you prefer a traditional wallet or keep your essentials elsewhere, perhaps the pocket free RelaxedLeather is for you. 

Both options are available in all five colors.

Technical Specifications

iPhone 7/8/SE G2

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