TOP Second Skin for MB Pro 15 - Black

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ราคาพิเศษ ราคา : ฿745 Regular Price ราคา : ฿1,490
ราคาพิเศษ ราคา : ฿745 Regular Price ราคา : ฿1,490
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ยี่ห้อ TUCANO

Sleeve designed to perfectly wrap the New MacBook Pro 15" with Touch bar, made of neoprene with accessories pocket. 

The Anti-Slip System is made of an elastic net that keeps the laptop balanced and helps prevent laptop from falling out of the case even when the zipper is open. 

The case is 4mm thick to offer even more protection. 

The frontal pocket gives you the space needed to store accessories or small objects.

Soft neoprene sleeve to protect the MacBook Pro 15" Late 2016.

Anti-Slip system to prevent the device from falling.

Flatlock stitching for better grip.

Neoprene case - 4 mm thick.

Frontal pocket for accessories.

Technical Specifications

External Size : 37 x 26 x 2 (cm)

Suggested device size : 34,93 x 24.07 x 1.55 (cm)

Designed for MacBook :  Pro 15” Late 2016

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