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My Passport Wireless Pro - 3TB


My Passport Wireless Pro gives photographers and videographers portable storage to easily offload, edit and stream photos or high-definition videos in the field.

Designed to work seamlessly with mobile devices, and an SD card reader built-in, you get an all-in-one drive to streamline your workflow.

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Strong Wi-Fi Performance :

Built with 802.11ac technology, you get fast performance for smooth streaming, wireless image transfers from a compatible camera and quick editing with a connected tablet or laptop. 

Save Time With SD 3.0 :

Equipped with an integrated SD 3.0 card reader to offload or copy photos and videos from your camera’s SD card and create a workflow that keeps you moving.

All-day Battery Life :

With a battery that provides up to 10 hours of continuous use, you stay in the field longer.

Bring it on an all-day photo shoot to keep your photos backed up and mobile devices powered.

Wireless storage wherever you go :

Built with wireless 802.11ac technology, you can quickly transfer images and videos wirelessly from a compatible camera.

Once on the drive, you can back up, view or edit your shots with a connected tablet or laptop. 

Save time with SD 3.0 :

Equipped with an SD 3.0 card reader, you can quickly back up photos and videos on the fly.

Offload your camera’s entire SD card in one move and keep your workflow running smooth. 

All-day battery life :

Up to 10 hours of continuous use.*

Bring it on an all-day photo shoot and stay out in the field longer.

Take it on a long trip and continuously stream videos on the road or in flight.*

*Based on streaming HD 720p, 3 Mbps video to one device over Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz single band only.

Actual battery life depends on file size, type, format, bitrate, devices connected, Wi-Fi connectivity, settings and other factors. 

Built-in power bank :

Charge your smartphone or other USB devices on the go with the integrated 6,400 mAh power bank. 

Super-fast USB 3.0 transfer speeds :

Save time when moving or backing up .

RAW images or HD videos with the transfer speeds of USB 3.0. 

Import media from external USB devices :

Use the convenient USB 2.0 port to easily transfer media from an external USB storage device, like a compatible DSLR or CF card reader. 

Beautifully organize and stream with Plex™ :

Plex organizes your entire media collection with one simple interface and visually enhances it by adding descriptions, plot summaries, posters and album covers.

Wirelessly stream media stored on your My Passport Wireless Pro to all your devices, including your PC and Mac computers, smartphones, tablets, Smart TV and more.

Access files wirelessly :

Wirelessly connect My Passport Wireless Pro to your mobile devices using the My Cloud mobile app so you can view, organize, edit and share your media files from anywhere with your tablet and smartphone. 

Adobe® Creative Cloud® connected :

My Passport Wireless Pro is Creative Cloud connected through the My Cloud mobile app, so you can quickly get your photos and videos from your camera to your drive and into the Creative Cloud ecosystem. 

Works with PC and Mac computers out of the box :

Formatted ExFAT eliminates the need to reformat your My Passport Wireless Pro.

Just start it, connect and go.

Safeguard your captured moments Wi-Fi password protection helps keep your photography, videography, music and important files safe from unauthorized wireless access.

Set up Drive Lock in the device dashboard to prevent USB access to your content in the unlikely event it is lost or stolen. 

Create your own Internet hotspot :

Use My Passport Wireless Pro as a Wi-Fi hub to share an Internet connection with up to eight (8) devices. 

Stream up to 8 HD videos simultaneously :

Connect multiple devices to your My Passport Wireless Pro and simultaneously stream up to 8 HD videos (8 videos x 8Mbps HD MP4 streams).

Perfect for sharing video footage from your latest shoot or keeping a group entertained on a long road trip. 

Technical Specifications


Wireless 802.11ac SD card slot USB 3.0 USB 2.0 (host) 


Wi-Fi mobile storage USB cable USB power adapter Quick install guide 


2TB and 3TB Length : 5.00in (126.00mm) Width: 5.00in (126.00mm) Height: 0.94in (24.00mm)

Weight : 1.00lb (0.45kg)


Data transfer rate* USB 3.0 up to 800MB/s SD 3.0 up to 104MB/s 1x1 AC up to 433Mb/s

Operating temperature : 0°C to 35°C Non-op. temperature : –20°C to 60°C 1 A USB 3.0 host and

USB 3.0 certified cable are required to obtain USB 3.0 speeds. 


Formatted ExFAT for: • Windows® 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating systems • Mac OS® X

El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks or Mountain Lion • DLNA®/UPnP® or Plex-enabled devices for streaming Compatibility may vary depending on user’s hardware configuration and operating systems. 


2 years Worldwide 


My Passport Wireless Pro Devices

USB cable

USB power adapter

Quick Install Guide

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