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Xperia Touch Projector


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Sony Xperia Touch Projector

Sony Xperia Touch Projector

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ยี่ห้อ SONY HOME

Discover a new dimension to daily life :

Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch does more than put on a show.

It turns a flat wall, table or even your floor into an interactive screen.

With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi connection and state-of-the art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

Turn your table into an arcade :

From action packed adventures to your favourite board games, Xperia Touch1 turns your table into an interactive game zone for the whole family.

Transform you counter into a cookbook :

Scroll through your recipe app as you bake, or plot a route from your dining table using map applications.

With W-Fi connection, Xperia Touch lets you surf and explore like never before.

See your living room as a cinema :

Watch your favourite video content on a screen as large as 80 inches. Stream directly from apps or connect to your devices.

Make your wall into a message board :

Keep notes for yourself, and keep track of the family with an interactive message board.

Or keep in touch with loved ones through chat and video apps.

Tap into a world of apps :

Xperia Touch is connected to the world of Google Play.

Swipe through a recipe app, project your chat or keep up with your favourite vloggers.

Whatever you like on your tablet or phone, is bigger and better when projected.

Xperia Touch Technology :

Intelligent. Perceptive. Responsive.

Xperia Touch doesn’t just show images, it responds to you and your touch.

Built with the latest Sony intelligence, it’s a portable projector that’s easy to use and remarkably smart.

The magic touch :

Infrared Touch

Ready to swipe through a photo album or play a multi-player game on your coffee table? Xperia Touch combines infrared light array with 60fps camera capture to turn a flat surface in your home into a 23-inch touchscreen.

Knows when you’re near :

Presence sensing

Xperia Touch automatically turns on when it senses your approach.

Use it as a message board by the front door to keep everyone informed.

Or set it up as a wall clock that appears when you’re in the room.

Xperia Touch Design :

Sophisticated in function and form

Xperia Touch manages the impossible.

It’s packed with state-of-the-art technologies yet impressively compact and elegant in design.

It’s lightweight and understated, to move seamlessly into any room of your home.

Small-scale innovations :

This lightweight, compact body boasts top technologies – miniaturised.

Xperia Touch includes Sony’s unique SXRD short throw projection unit and strategically-placed two-way stereo speakers for rich sound.

Premium touch :

Xperia Touch is made from the highest quality materials.

The perforated metal finish feels premium and looks at home in the most design-conscious settings.

Maximum functions. Minimalist design :

We’ve designed all the controls to lie flush with the body, so Xperia Touch acts hi-tech but still looks sleek.

Technical Specifications

10-point multi-touch input for projection at 23 inches.

Expand projection up to 80 inches with automatic calibration.

Two-way Stereo Speakers.

Presence sensor for automatic powering on from sleep mode.

USB Type-C/micro HDMI ports.

Memory and storage :

Memory : LPDDR3 3GB

Storage : eMMC 32GB, microSD slot

Operating System :

Android N

Weight :


Dimensions :

69 x 134 x 143 mm

Battery :

Approximately one hour usage in continuous video playback mode1

Sensors :






Ambient light




Human detection

Connectivity :

Wi-Fi: 11 a/b/g/n/ac (SISO)

Miracast sink

Bluetooth 4.2


Connectors :

USB Type-C


Display :

Projector System

Projector System :

SXRD three primary colors LCD shutter Projection System

Resolution :


Focus :

Auto Focus

Projection size :

23-80 inches

Source :

Laser Diode2

Brightness :

100 lumens

Contrast :


Main camera :

13 Megapixels

Indicators :


Controls :

Touch Control using IR sensor, 10 point multi-touch

Sound :

Two-way Stereo Speakers

Power :

USB Power Delivery 15V

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